[Avon-theatre-news] AVON THEATER EXTRA! EXTRA!

Skip Huston Skip at TheAvon.com
Fri Jun 22 11:32:50 EDT 2012

The Avon's parking garage is OPEN starting today at 5PM!!
Yes, that's right. According to honchos at City Hall, the refurb gremlins have just about completed their work, and the parking garage across from the Avon will be open today for its regular hours!!!
(Those "regular hours" being Mon thru Fri AFTER 5 PM, and all day Saturday and Sunday---ADM has dibs on it the rest of the time).
So, this is a happy time!
Remember, the work on the garage is not 100% completed yet, so excuse any dust or slight inconvenience, but...IT IS OPEN!! YAAAAAY!!
On a different subject, one of our new movies, ABRAHAM LINCOLN: VAMPIRE HUNTER (R) got the predictably smarmy review this morning from the Decatur Herald & Review (and remember the chaps at the H&R don't even SEE these movies to review, they merely pick a review from a wire service---and, more often than not, the most negative they can dig up)...
Well, don't be swayed by the perennial naysayers there, because the most respected film critic in America, none other than ROGER EBERT, gave ABRAHAM LINCOLN: VAMPIRE HUNTER a whopping THREE STARS! 
What he said, to paraphrase, is to "sneer all you want, but this was a lot of fun!".
So, go ahead and sneer, but come and have fun with ABRAHAM LINCOLN: VAMPIRE HUNTER (R).
And that is ALL for my "Extra! Extra!" except as I was driving home late last night, I noticed how nicely all the downtown work is shaping up.
This was a huge task, and there is more to come, but it will make our downtown the envy of our neighbors!
If you don't believe that statement, think about this:

>Springfield has a wonderful downtown, but NO theaters! They crazily tore all theirs down years ago! (And they are SOOO SORRY!)

>Champaign has a nice downtown, but their only theaters are the constantly-struggling Art Theater, which by virtue of its programming alone has a very narrow appeal, and the marvelous Virginia Theater, which is a non-profit organization, thus limiting them greatly in how they can operate.

>Bloomington-Normal has the city-subsidized Normal Theater, whose programming has even more narrow appeal than The Art's (if that is possible).

Decatur has its TWO greatest theaters still standing and operational!
THE AVON is a for-profit, first-run movie theater, and considered by many to be the best independently-owed first-run theater in all of downstate Illinois!
Decatur has the grand old Lincoln Theater, that has been going through some tough times lately, but I feel confident will very soon get another breath of life.
Like the Virginia, the Lincoln is a non-profit organization and wisely sticks to performing arts programming.

SO, let the others sneer at Decatur, folks, but we have many fabulous things going for us they can only wish for!

Come See Me This Weekend!
I'm looking for you and you, and...YOU!
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