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Showtimes, Programs, Erudition and Miscellaneous Folderol 

FRI, SAT & SUN ONLY!! Julie Christie in AWAY FROM HER (PG13)

THE BRAVE ONE (R) Starring Jodie Foster
THE 3:10 TO YUMA (R) Starring Russell Crowe and Christian Bale         

IN THE VALLEY OF ELAH (R) Starring Tommy Lee Jones, Susan Sarandon & Charlize Theron 

Hiya Folks!!
Since there really isn't anything new this week that is appropriate for The Avon's more discerning crowd, I thought I would take the opportunity to do some "alternative programming" in the main Avon for Fri, Sat & Sun only! This will give us a chance to do some long-needed fixes in the old theater this Mon, Tues, Wed & Thurs, before we re-open again next Friday with IN THE VALLEY OF ELAH.  So, remember: THE TWINS will remain open all week long, but the old main theater will only be open FRI, SAT & SUN this weekend!
Thanks!!            "The Head Honcho"

AWAY FROM HER (PG13) Better late than never, right? We wanted to play this excellent and heartfelt story a few months ago, but never had the room for it during the Summer. So, we decided to do a Fri, Sat & Sun on it so that the many who had asked about it could finally see it! Julie Christie is talked about for a Best Actress Oscar nomination as a wife who is stricken with Alzheimer's. Don't let the subject matter throw you, because this is an excellent and life-affirming film! Olympia Dukakis co-stars.

(Showtimes in brackets are $5.50 "Bargain Matinees") 
FRI: (5:00) 
SAT: (2:00) - (5:00) 
SUN: (2:00 ) 

A HARD DAY'S NIGHT (G) We seem to be in the midst of another Beatles wave of interest (honestly, though, do they EVER go out-of-style?) and we thought it would be fun to bring in the REAL thing! This is John, Paul, George & Ringo's first film from 1964, and boy is it a doozy!! Here is an ULTRA- RARE chance to see it like it was supposed to be seen on a big theater screen!!
(Showtimes in brackets are $5.50 "Bargain Matinees") 
FRI: 8:00
SAT: 8:00

THE BRAVE ONE (R) Currently the #1 movie in America, this latest effort from many-talented Jodie Foster has not exactly been marketed correctly. On the surface, it appears to be a revenge flick, much like the old Charles Bronson "Death Wish" series, but it really is much more than that. Jodie Foster examines the violence that permeates our society, and, in doing so, becomes tangled up in it herself.
Yes, she has a huge axe to grind, but the role demands she become the exact person she loathes, and that takes some mighty acting chops, folks! As many critics have liked this as have not, but this is one you will have to make up your own mind.
(Showtimes in brackets are $5.50 "Bargain Matinees") 
FRI: (4:00) - 7:00 
SAT & SUN: (1:00) - (4:00) - 7:00
MON thru THURS: 7:00 

THE 3:10 TO YUMA (R) I hadn't realized how much I was craving a great western until this exploded on our screen! I don't know how many of you have asked me "Is it any good?", but let me tell you ALL right now: "DON'T MISS IT!!". The performances by two of our greatest actors, Russell Crowe and Christian Bale is worth the ticket price alone, and the co-starring role by Ben Foster as Crowe's twitchy and very dangerous sidekick, Charlie, almost steals the movie from those two heavyweights! If you love westerns, or, even if you just love MOVIES, this is a don't miss one!! It leaves soon, so ya' better saddle up and ride on down here, pardner!
THE 3:10 TO YUMA (R)
(Showtimes in brackets are $5.50 "Bargain Matinees") 
FRI: (4:15) - 7:15 
SAT & SUN: (1:15) - (4:15) - 7:15
MON thru THURS: 7:15 
AVON FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: Why isn't the balcony hardly ever open any more?

A: That's a good question! I think it just seems that way since we try to limit its use during the warmer Summer months because it is hotter up there (heat rises, y'know). Then, there is the problem of the middle section being prohibited for seating (not for any safety concern, but because your shadow will show on the screen if you are in that section and stand up). Sometimes, I will tell people it is because our staffers are too lazy to go up and clean there after a show! But those particular lazy staff members are now long gone. I will talk to Sue and see if we can start to open it on a more regular basis for the Fall and Winter.

Q: Is the Avon really haunted?

A: It sounds like you are a prime candidate for a Haunted Decatur Tour! The tickets for the October season, which is the 14th year, go on sale at the Old Book Barn in Forsyth only on the last Saturday of September at 9 AM. (So, that is Sept. 29th). You can get more information by going to the website at www.HauntedDecatur.com  Don't procrastinate or lollygag, because the tour tickets sell out FAST!
But, in response to your question: YES. And to the logical next question you will ask, which is "Have you ever seen a ghost there?" that answer is a most emphatic YES!! Take the tour and find out all about the Avon's hauntings, and our whole spooky city too!

Q: Is the Decatur street "Skippy Drive" truly named after you?

A: "Skippy Drive" is one of about 8 streets in Decatur that were named for my family (and me). My late father was a developer of many subdivisions and commercial areas, and took great joy in naming streets after things he loved. One of his subdivisions out West of town he named after all his favorite Las Vegas casinos! Some of our customers actually live on Skippy Drive, and get a kick out of living on "my" street! My big sister, Stephani, is the namesake of "Stephanie Drive" (on the East side of 51 after you pass Mound Rd.), and my sister Kandy has "Kandy Lane" named for her (that's the street the Aloha is on).
I often wonder if people think that it is just a coincidence that I have the street signs in The Avon's box-office, but, yes, Skippy Drive was, indeed, named after me. My little sister, Holly, never got a street named for her, and it is something I tease her about all the time. (She could care less).

SEND YOUR "FAQ"'s TO Info at TheAvon.com Don't worry, we won't use your name!
Well, that's it until next time, Avon fans!
Come and See Me Soon!!
-Skip Huston
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