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Skip Huston Skip at TheAvon.com
Tue Dec 11 12:52:04 CST 2007

Ok, folks, this is the LAST DAY to send in your votes on the Herald & Review Reader's Choice poll!!


REMEMBER: You must fill in AT LEAST 40 categories!!
(But, that shouldn't be that hard!)

NOW, let me tell you WHY this is so important to The Avon to WIN this poll:

We are the LOCAL guys, and we are constantly battling some of the dirtiest competitive tricks from the HUGE OUT-OF-STATE corporation that runs the other two local theaters that are imaginable!

In point of fact: Those "other guys" want us GONE!
They want YOU to only have THEM to choose from!!
They want a monopoly in the Decatur area, and they have stopped at nothing to try and achieve just that!!!

By filling out this ballot and choosing THE AVON as the Decatur area's "Best" movie theater, you are sending these carpetbaggers a "message" that, no matter WHAT tactics they try to use against us: YOU PREFER THE AVON!!!

Take a second to ponder how lucky Decatur is to even have THE AVON all these past 9 years!
It has NOT been easy, folks!
My wife and I lead a small handful of dedicated workers who BELIEVE in this project, and work diligently to try and underscore our commitment to excellence!

So, PLEASE, take a few minutes to give THE AVON a "Holiday gift" and click on this link:


Show us and the "other guys" that you appreciate the way we do things better!!!

Don't just "assume" that everyone else will do it!!
YOU need to do it too!!

(And, don't forget, they won't count your ballot unless you have at least 40 category selections!)

Don't let what happened last year happen again!!
Give us that #1 slot we DESERVE, like we got 2 years ago!!!

This is the LAST DAY, so please hurry!


-Skip Huston
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