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Hiya, Folks!
Since a lot of you really like it when we include the reviews of Leonard Maltin in our newsletter, here is his review for "MORNING GLORY" that came in too late for our regular issue this week...

film review: Morning Glory
What a pleasure it is to watch a well-cast, well-written comedy for grownups. Morning Glory has a smart premise and just the right people to carry it out: Rachel McAdams, as an overeager TV producer who locks horns with her new host, a once-respected news anchor played by Harrison Ford, as well as his co-host, a prima donna played by Diane Keaton. The parts might have been written with these actors in mind; that's how perfectly they inhabit them and play off one another. McAdams is delightful in an all-too-rare comedy role, and works well opposite the men she encounters: her boss, Jeff Goldblum, her colleague and possible lover, Patrick Wilson, and best of all, her recalcitrant star, Harrison Ford. What a pleasure to see him in a role that he can really sink his teeth into.

The script, by Aline Brosh McKenna, whose credits include The Devil Wears Prada, is filled with sharp dialogue and is built on a believable foundation. Roger Michell's direction reinforces that credibility, with Mark Friedberg's production design evoking the look and feel of a dilapidated newsroom along with a typical TV control room and stage. The people seem genuine-or only slightly exaggerated-so we're able to invest in the movie. As a result, the laughs come naturally and never seem forced.
It's a pleasure to recommend Morning Glory, and root for its success, so Hollywood might be inspired to make more films just like it.

by Leonard Maltin (used with permission)
Those of you who have the email server "aol.com" have been experiencing a glitch in your email wherein you get multiple copies of our emails. Please be assured, this is not ME being bombastic (bombastic, ME???) but rather some kind of thingamajig whatsis on your end.
Also, due to some kind of other bugaboos, the Herald & Review did not publish the current "star rating box" today.
Instead, it appears to be one from last week or the week before.
Tim Cain, the entertainment honcho from the Herald & Review said to tell you the star ratings for the three new movies we are playing starting today is as follows:
UNSTOPPABLE: *** (Three stars)
CONVICTION: *** (Three stars)
MORNING GLORY: **1/2 (Two and a half stars, a rating that, as you see above, Leonard Maltin thinks should be higher).
Remember, as those dastardly "other guys" have discovered, the Avon crowd is vastly different from the peeps that frequent their two venues...

I can say, without qualification, that all of you will LOVE "Morning Glory"! It's just YOUR kind of movie! That's why I moved heaven and earth to get it at the Avon!

So, hit me with huge crowds for it this weekend to show me I was correct!
(Besides, I've been quite ill for the past several weeks with a punctured eardrum, and related balance and dizziness issues. I haven't been at the theater much lately, but I intend to try and be there this weekend. Make me feel better by showing up in force!!)

-An Adventure in AVONIA Awaits You!!

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