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                       Kate Hudson & Anne Hathaway in BRIDE WARS (PG)


COMING SOON:  January 16th: LAST CHANCE HARVEY (PG13) Dustin Hoffman & Emma Thompson
                     January 23rd: THE WRESTLER (R) Mickey Rourke is back!! BIG TIME!!
GRAN TORINO  (R) Here is a "must-see" movie, folks! In fact, this may be not only one of the best films of Clint Eastwood's remarkable career, but it is also a very important film for our time and place in history at this very moment.
I had the good fortune to see this the other night at a special screening, and I must tell you it is everything you want out of a classic Eastwood, and much more!
The fact that this may be Clint's last film as an actor, only underscores how essential it is in his roster of fine films.
>From time to time, I will step back and let one of the film critics I respect (and there are few) take over and tell you about this in their way. Here is one of my favorite reviewers to tell you more...

GRAN TORINO as reviewed by Champaign-Urbana's Chuck Koplinski
Gran Torino proves to be a requiem of sorts for Clint Eastwood. This graceful, poignant film is the perfect exit for the iconic actor/director as he displays not only his usual confidence behind the camera but is also at the height of his skills in front of it. Never before has Eastwood given such a reflective, introspective performance as Walt Kowalski, a bitter widower who finds himself a stranger in his own country, being the only one left in his Detroit neighborhood that's been taken over by a myriad of immigrant groups. Adding insult to injury is the fact that he doesn't know how to relate to his estranged sons and that the only friends he ends up having are the neighbors he initially hates the most. 
While the trailers for the film suggest this is Dirty Harry for the geriatric set, Torino's strong suit is its presentation of the cross generational relationship that develops between Walt and Thao (Bee Vang), a teenager of Vietnamese heritage who tries to steal the old man's prized Gran Torino as part of a gang initiation. A bigot to the core, Walt regards the kid as just another "zipperhead," until he realizes that the young man possesses a degree of respect and responsibility that he fails to see in his own grandchildren or anyone else for that matter. Taking the boy under his wing, he shows him how to "man up" and take charge of his life. While the racial epithets Walt and the local barber teach Thao are woefully inappropriate, the sense of dignity and confidence he develops under Walt's tutelage proves invaluable. 

Unfortunately, the gang rears its ugly head in the film's third act and Thao and his sister Sue (Ahney Her) find their lives in danger. Walt rides to the rescue and it's to Eastwood and screenwriter Nick Schenk's credit that the movie's climax plays against expectations and opts for realism over wish fulfillment. It is in the film's final moments that the actor truly shines, putting to rest old demons while preparing for one last stand. The subtext here is unmistakable and it adds to the movie's poignancy as we become aware that Eastwood himself is putting things to rest. Cinematic history is playing out before us here and it's as powerful as any exit put on film. 

Gran Torino's message is worthwhile as it espouses the virtues of honor and dignity as well as the value of earning the respect of those who put a proper value to it. Walt puts these things above all others and he's lonely as a result because in doing so, he proves himself a dinosaur. Most who surround him cling to the superficial, opting for the easy way out in everything rather than the pride that comes from earning anything of value. It's fitting that Eastwood be the one who delivers this message; he's built his incomparable career by adhering to these precepts. As such, Gran Torino is one of the most genuine films of 2008 and one whose message will far outlive those of the many vacuous movies that will come in its wake. 

(Showtimes in brackets are $6.00/$5.50 'Bargain Matinees")

FRI: (5:00) - 8:00
SAT & SUN: (2:00) - (5:00) - 8:00
MON thru THURS: 7:15
BRIDE WARS (PG) Here is Kate Hudson and Anne Hathaway (who may be an Oscar nominee this year for her role in a movie about a very different wedding, "Rachel Getting Married"--possibly showing soon at the Avon) in a hilarious comedy for the entire family. See that "PG" rating? Two best friends have a conflict with their wedding dates, and the fur does fly, let me tell you! If you are looking for a great time at the movies, and some big laughs; this is it!
(Showtimes in brackets are $6.00/$5.50 'Bargain Matinees")
FRI: (4:15) - 7:15
SAT & SUN: (1:15) - (4:15) - 7:15
MON thru THURS: 6:40
MARLEY & ME  (PG) The "bad doggie" movie has become a box-office phenomenon! Here is a film with so much heart, and some belly laughs too! Owen Wilson and Jennifer Anniston are perfect together, and that "world's worst dog" will fetch you heart away! HURRY!! ENDS SOON!!
(Showtimes in brackets are $6.00/$5.50 'Bargain Matinees")
FRI: (4:00) - 7:00
SAT & SUN: (1:00) - (4:00) - 7:00
MON thru THURS: 6:30
I hope all of you had a wonderful holiday season!!

Sue and I worked about a dozen 15 hour days in a row, and were ready to drop in our tracks, but it was worth it!
I am happy to report this holiday season was a record-breaker for us!

We have never seen so many new faces, and so many new chances to show why THE AVON has just been voted the Decatur area's "Best Place to See a Movie" for the 4th year in a row!

Indeed, it is truly unfortunate we only have 3 screens, as I must have heard a gazillion times in the past few weeks how much it was wished we were showing ALL the big holiday movies!!
Well, maybe someday we WILL be able to add 2 or 3 more screens and cover ALL the product!

BUT, for now, I try and choose the "right" movies for our 3 screens that will fit our clientele.
It is a tough job, and the film choices have not always been flawless over the past 10 years, but, by and large, I think we have succeeded in bringing you the "hand-picked" new movies that are best for YOU, the more discerning movie-goer!

Thanks to YOU, we enter 2009, celebrating our 10th anniversary in April, and beginning our 11th year of operations, full of vim and vigor and ready to entertain you for a long time to come!

BUT, always know this: It is ALL thanks to YOU!!

Come See Me Soon!
I'll be LOOKING for YOU!!
-Skip Huston
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