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Skip Huston Skip at TheAvon.com
Tue Jan 22 13:38:42 CST 2008


The Oscar nominations were announced today, and one of the movies we are currently playing, JUNO, was given 4 nominations including "BEST PICTURE" !!!
(So, for all those people who told me "I've never heard of JUNO", take that!!!)

There were only TWO "major" nomination films, both with 8 nominations (including "Best Picture"), and they were NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN, which, personally, I thought was about 85% of a good movie with an ending that needed re-thinking.
(I don't care if the ending was faithful to the book, this is cinema, not literature, and it needed a better ending! So there).

AND, the OTHER 8 Nomination, including "Best Picture", film, THERE WILL BE BLOOD, starts at the AVON on Feb. 1st!!
(It will start a week earlier at one of the "other guys" mean screens, but I hope you will stay faithful to us and wait to see it just a week later on THE AVON's biggest screen in town!!)

Don't be cheatin' on THE AVON to see THERE WILL BE BLOOD with those "other guys" when you just have to wait one little tiny week to see it with us!!!!

-Skip Huston
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