[Avon-theatre-news] AVON TIPS!!

Skip Huston Skip at TheAvon.com
Wed Jun 20 15:37:19 EDT 2007


Hey Folks!
If you are STILL getting duplicate newsletters, it is because you probably have not done an "unsubscribe" from the yahoo groups distribution.
This will not be an issue henceforth, because, after this one, we will not be sending any further information via yahoo groups.

If you still have not subscribed to the new newsletter service, simply go to our website at www.TheAvon.com and look for the 2-ticket icon near the middle of the main page top. Click on that, put in your email address, and you will be almost done!

Unfortunately, the new spam regulations forbid us from doing this for you, but it really is an easy thing to do yourself.

As of this note, there will be no further activity on yahoo groups, so please take action on this as soon as you can.

Thanks, everyone!

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