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Skip Huston Skip at TheAvon.com
Wed Apr 4 12:26:43 EDT 2007

Hello Avon Theatre Fans!!

TODAY, April 4th, is our 8th Year Anniversary!!

8 years ago today, we opened the doors to an old Decatur landmark that was destined to have a "new" life!
-And we have been open ever since!!

The naysayers and the purveyors of negativity (of which there were many then) only gave us 6 months tops!!

--Well, we showed them!

*Within 1 year, The Avon was already considered a bonafide Decatur phenomenon!

*Within 2 years, The Avon was called the most successful independent theater in downstate Illinois!

*Within 5 years, we expanded and added two more complete theaters in our Twins annex!!

As we begin our 9th year of operation, we stand poised on the verge of that massive downtown Decatur revitalization we have waited so long for!
There has been more investment in downtown Decatur in the past 18 months than there has been in the past 18 years!!

--And it's ALL because of YOU!
You got sick and tired of the "cookie cutter" restaurants and theaters in other areas, and found out that downtown Decatur offers something unique and different!

Come See Us This Weekend!!

Happy Birthday, Avon Theatre!!

Skip Huston
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