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Hiya Folks!
Less than 24 hours ago in our weekly newsletter, I expressed concern as to
whether anyone was even reading the newsletter any longer, and was thinking
about discontinuing it.

Then, the flood started.

I have been literally inundated with almost 200 emails all saying keep the
newsletter! (Now, 200 is roughly 1/10 of our subscriber base, but it still
gets my attention!).
SO, I guess I got my answer!


It seems no matter how powerful our FaceBook page is, there are still MANY
of you who are not on FaceBook, and don't ever care to be!

(I will say this: In my opinion, FaceBook is the most incredible marketing
tool ever devised by man---and, its FREE!---but as useful as it is, it can
also be a scary place. Our Avon Theater page is STRICTLY business, and we
have 5 Administrators from our staff monitoring it constantly to maintain
the focus where we want it; positive and informative Avon Theater business!)

Here's a tip: I don't think you need to be a member of FaceBook to see our
page. It's just like clicking on any other link if you just want to look at
it from time to time. Click on the logo now and see if it works>>>>

<https://www.facebook.com/TheAvonTheatre> FBlogo1.jpg


In any event, the newsletter stays. 
We will continue to annoy you at least once a week until further notice!

You have my deep-felt thanks for showing me you were still out there!
If you are not seeing the pictures in the newsletter, try setting your email
to accept "html". The pictures go out as "html" and won't appear if your
setting is "text only". Remember: I am no computer expert. Everything I know
about computers (and that is very little) I literally stumbled upon!
This April marks the end of our 17th year and the start of our 18th. That is
astounding to me.
When I first re-opened the long-closed Avon Theater, I was in my late 40's,
and now I'm a senior citizen!
I wouldn't trade all that time for any other! 
Don't be intimidated by all the draconian signs up in the parking garage
across the street. Here's the real scoop: ADM does have control of floors 2,
3 & 4 at all times, but the main floor is only under their control from
Monday thru Friday until 5PM. The same is true with the spaces marked
Now, to be sure, I have never seen anyone be towed from the garage if they
use it at other times. Maybe that's because ADM is aware of all the cars
parked on the streets with ADM stickers in their window. It's a situation
near impossible to strictly enforce.
One of the very positive sides to the ADM parking garage occupation is there
is 24 hour security. So, remember that too. It is probably one of the safest
places to park in the city!!
All of that preceding hoo-hah, was because so many of you mentioned in your
emails you liked my RANTS, RAVES & RAMBLINGS column. So, I decided to let
you binge on it! HaHaHa

Thanks again, all!


-Skip Huston

P.S. Our 100th anniversary is this year! 1916 to 2016. We are all
brain-storming on what kind of big hoop-de-doo we can have.
Maybe an appearance by a well-known Movie/TV star? Maybe a block party?
We'll see.

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