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After a 3 month break, they are BACK!!!
THURSDAY, JAN. 31st at 6:30 in the Avon Theater!!

Americana at the Movies, Part 6 – FILM8843
Sect. 01:  Thurs., Jan 31st – March 21st
Time: 6:30 – 9:00 p.m. (sometimes a bit earlier, sometimes a bit earlier, depending on the film screened)
Instructor:  Skip Huston
Location:  Avon Theatre, Downtown Decatur, IL
Cost:  $80

Avon Theatre film historian and head honcho, Skip Huston, has created another film screening & discussion series that should please all that have discovered his film classes for the past 12 years!
"Americana at the Movies—Part 6" is an "open-ended" series much like the "Overlooked Films" classes that Huston has presented every Summer for the past 9 years.
"Americana at the Movies--Part 6" will examine every aspect of the American experience. The films will include movies about our loves, fads, fashions and conflicts since our country was born.

Some of the movies screened and discussed will be well-known, and some will be rarities that are never seen any longer! The films to be shown are never announced beforehand, as that has always been a trend with Huston's classes.

There will be comedies, dramas, thrillers and historical epics all included in this sixth entry of what promises to be another hit series in the Avon Theatre film class: "AMERICANA  AT THE MOVIES--Part 6.”

 You can contact the Richland official below or sign up on the first night of class!
(Just come a little before 6:30 if enrolling on the night of). 

Continuing Education Coordinator
Richland Community College
One College Park
Decatur, IL  62521
(217) 875-7211, Ext. 353
Fax:  (217) 875-6964
jpeterso at richland.edu
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