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Thu Jan 19 12:28:56 EST 2012

Richland-at-the-Avon FILM CLASSES RESUME THURSDAY, Jan. 26th!!!
Jan. 26th thru March 15th. Cost $80.
Enrolment forms are in our lobbies (or you can pay at the first class; just come a little early).
In the history of the movies, there has been no greater topic than when Hollywood turns the microscope around on itself and shows you the inner workings and lives of some famous icons and behind-the-scenes dynamics of the silver screen.
Part One of this course was done over 6 years ago, and it is high time it was revisited!!

In the opening part #1 of this course, we showed such films as "Sunset Blvd" and "The Bad and the Beautiful", but we barely scratched the surface with that first series of 8 films...
Now, after instructor Skip Huston has painstakingly researched and reflected, Part 2 has 8 films that will cover all aspects and all eras of the movie world. Some of them are bona fide classics, and some of them are quite rare and hardly seen.

As has been done for the past 11 years of these film classes at The Avon for Richland, we NEVER divulge beforehand the movies you will be seeing, but, rest assured you are in good hands with the choices!

Join a whole lot of nice people with a love of movies in common, as we screen and discuss 8 films of "Hollywood on Hollywood"!! PART TWO!!!

We hope to see you there!!

REMEMBER: You can pay the night of the first class (Jan. 26th), just come about 6:15 and a Richland Official will be there to sign you up!
Contact the person below NOW to arrange enrollment!

Jennifer Peterson
JPeterso at richland.edu
(217) 875-7211, Ext. 353
Fax:  (217) 875-6964
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