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Highlights: (scroll down for details)
* Clint Eastwood's new movie "J. EDGAR" is ONLY at The Avon!!
* Our FREE Holiday movie and live entertainment programs are announced!
* This week's Fat Cat Gourmet Cupcake flavors!
* Some Important Anniversary dates!
In a surprising development that demonstrates genuine integrity and consideration on their part, WARNER BROS. (with the no-foolin' input of Clint Eastwood himself!) has decided THE AVON THEATER is the most worthy theater in the Decatur and surrounding area to play "J. EDGAR", the Leonardo DiCaprio-starring film about the life of FBI Director and enigmatic power-broker J. Edgar Hoover. 
This film has already received rave reviews from some of the greatest film critics in the world, including Roger Ebert who gave it THREE-and-a-HALF stars in today's Chicago Sun-Times, Richard Roeper who called it "One of the Best Films of 2011" and countless others calling DiCaprio's performance, which spans 50 years in Hoover's life, as "Oscar worthy". Even the usually snarky Decatur Herald & Review gave it THREE stars with a glowing review in today's edition!

No matter how the "other guys" might try and "spin" this, it was WARNER BROS choice where J. EDGAR played in this area!

It takes no venue talent whatsoever to screen the mall and multiplex tripe that oozes into the majority of the nation's faceless theaters every week, but when there is a theater like THE AVON present in any community, the films with gravitas that appeal to the more discerning and mature move-goer, are showcased best only by us!
(Some of the studios actually care about things like this, and we applaud Warner Bros for being one of them! )
Showtimes for "J. Edgar"...

(Showtimes in brackets denote $5.75 "Bargain Matinees")
FRI: (4:00) - 7:00 
SAT & SUN: (1:00) - (4:00) - 7:00
MON thru THURS: 7:00
It's been decided! 
We listened to your suggestions and have nailed down our FREE holiday movie list for 2011! 
Remember that all of the shows are FREE, but we do hope you'll buy snacks, since that's what makes all of the special events that we do possible. 
(But, we have the best popcorn in the known universe, so why wouldn't you?) 

We'll be kicking off the holiday season on December 15 with a very special event -- a LIVE holiday show from THE FLAT CATS, an acclaimed swing band from Chicago! They've played all over the Chicago area and some members (including beautiful lead singer Amanda Wolf) also belong to the Alan Gresik Swing Shift Orchestra, which plays every Thursday night at the Green Mill, a famous Chicago gin joint once owned by Al Capone! THE FLAT CATS are putting in their first appearance in Decatur on the Avon Theater stage, kicking off our free holiday movies in style. Don't miss their swinging holiday show for the whole family, starting at 6:30 PM!

Here's the schedule for the FREE FREE FREE holiday entertainment:

December 15 - 6:30 PM: FLAT CATS Live-on-our-stage Chicago-area Holiday Swing Band Show!

December 17 (Saturday morning at 10:00 AM):
The Grinch that Stole Christmas
Followed by HOME ALONE

December 22 -- 7:00 PM:
A Charlie Brown Christmas
Followed by National Lampoon's CHRISTMAS VACATION

NOTE: We are proud to say the Free Holiday Entertainment at the Avon Theater is sponsored, in part, by the Cromwell Radio Group (WEJT, The Party, The Fox, Talk 101 & Magic 98)

The Fat Cat Cakeworks wizards have been at it again, and this week bring you CHOCOLATE PEPPERMINT cupcakes and a repeat of our MAPLE BACON Cupcakes, from a few weeks back!
Those of you who tried the Maple Bacon, in spite of some initial reservations, went hog-wild over them!
We think the Chocolate Peppermint will cause riots in the streets!

The Fat Cat Cakes people agonize every week about new flavors to spring on you!
It's ANOTHER exclusive advantage to coming to the Avon Theater!
AND>>> They are ONLY $2.00 !!!!!
>>>On Nov. 28th of this year, THE AVON THEATER is 95 years old!
Will we see our 100th??
Only YOU can decide that!!
BUT, if we DO, the celebration will be of history-making hoo-hah, believe me!

>>>Yesterday, (Thursday, Nov.10th) Susan and I were married 27 years!
(Yes, I still can't believe THAT one!)
Only a saint would put up with me for that long!
We're Waiting to Entertain You at THE AVON!!

-SKIP HUSTON and the Avon Theater Staff!!
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