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Skip Huston Skip at TheAvon.com
Thu Mar 17 13:04:51 EDT 2011

THURSDAY, March 17th, St. Patrick's Day
Those of you coming to our St. Patrick's day FREE showing of THE QUIET MAN tonight at 7 PM will get a first look at the preview for an extraordinary new movie from Oscar-winning director ROBERT REDFORD...
This film, about the only woman conspirator charged in the assassination of Abraham Lincoln, Mary Surratt, boasts an outstanding cast including
Robin Wright (as Surratt), Kevin Kline, Tom Wilkinson, James McAvoy and Evan Rachel Wood, will open at the Avon on APRIL 15th, one day after the Lincoln assassination in 1865.  
Here is the poster:

In the following weeks, we will keep you informed of some special promotions for this movie!!

Come see us tonight for our St. Paddy's FREE showing of JOHN WAYNE in THE QUIET MAN (a benefit for the Decatur Area Art's Council) and get a look at the preview for a movie all of us from the Land of Lincoln will want to see!!

-Skip Huston
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