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Hey Folks, From time to time when I don't feel your are getting the "whole spectrum" of the film reviews that are out there, I will send you Avon-supporter, and nationally-known film critic Leonard Maltin's review of any particular film.
So, here is his review of WALL STREET MONEY NEVER SLEEPS>>>

By the way, don't forget this Saturday and Sunday at the 1:00 & 4:00 PM showings only of LEGEND OF THE GUARDIANS-The Owls of Ga'Hoole 3D, we will have a visit from a LIVE OWL, IN-PERSON before each of those showings! Bring all the kids and grandkids you can find to see Banchee the Owl fly around the theater before the movie starts! Not only is that 3D; it's 4D!!

And you can only get this extra special LIVE OWL appearance at the Avon, because those "other guys" just don't give a hoot!

film review-Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps
by Leonard Maltin
I'm not a fan of sequels, by and large, but I suppose events of the past few years made it inevitable that someone would devise a followup to Oliver Stone's Wall Street, which became a touchstone of its era. The new movie isn't likely to have the same effect, as so many documentaries are covering the financial debacle, with more to come.but it certainly is entertaining.

Michael Douglas steps back into the role of onetime Wall Street lion Gordon Gekko as he's released from an eight-year stretch in prison. This time around, he's more of an observer than a player, but ambitious young trader Shia LaBeouf seeks him out to pick his brain-and tell him that he's in love with Gecko's estranged daughter, played by Carey Mulligan.

I won't reveal more of the story, credited to two screenwriters (Aaron Loeb and Stephen Schiff), except to remark that even in the wake of the economic bust-and America's unprecedented bail-out of major investment banks-it is fascinating to watch high-level wheelers and dealers in action. Key among them are Josh Brolin, who is completely believable as a cocky financial wizard, and 94-year-old Eli Wallach, who gives an assured and engaging performance as one of the Old Guard of Wall Street.

All of this is presented in a handsome, high-energy production, shot by Rodrigo Prieto on location in New York; Manhattan has never looked more stylish.

The film isn't perfect: it goes on too long, and the female characters (Mulligan and Susan Sarandon, as LaBeouf's mother) are woefully underwritten. Worst of all is the final scene, which tries to wrap all the story strands together in a hopeless bit of contrivance.

But those shortcomings can't, and don't, rob the film of its substantial entertainment value. Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps has momentum to burn, clever plotting, and strong performances. It's well worth seeing.

Leonard Maltin

Democratic Illinois State Senate candidate TIM DUDLEY will be working a regular shift at the Avon from 3:15 to 8:15 on Saturday.
Come buy some popcorn from what could be our next State Senator! 
He'll be doing the whole job too...
Serving corn, selling tickets, taking out the trash, beating theater cell-phone abusers with flashlights...
He'll be learning what "small business" is really like!

Today's political hoo-hahs like to throw that "small business" label around a bunch, but the proof is in the pudding!
And, while this is NOT an Avon endorsement for Tim's campaign, I think it will be a fun way for a political aspirant (or current office holder, for that matter) to put some substance and experience behind those speechifying buzz-words of "small business".

In my not-so-humble opinion, more of our elected officials need to climb down from their high horses or ivory towers and see what life is like in the trenches!

-Skip Huston
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