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Showtimes, Programs, Erudition and Miscellaneous Folderol 
"All of Life's Answers are in the Movies!"  -Dr. Skippy P. Huston
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ROBIN HOOD (PG13) Russell Crowe & Cate Blanchett in a rip-roaring adventure that I am dying to see!
Disney's OCEANS (G) The huge documentary for the whole family, and now more topical than ever!
CHLOE (R) Julianne Moore, Liam Neeson and Amanda Seyfried in a HOT erotic thriller!

MAY 27th: SEX AND THE CITY 2 (R) Need I say more?
MAY 28th: PRINCE OF PERSIA: The Sands of Time (PG13) Jake Gyllenhaal in an astounding Summer "popcorn" picture!
...and more, more... MORE!! A Whole Summer's Worth MORE!!!
Ok, here it is in just one tiny word: WOW!
Anytime you have the combination of Oscar-winner RUSSELL CROWE with director Ridley Scott, plus Oscar-winner CATE BLANCHETT, and, swords and bows and bad guys vs good guys; you want to be there for that!
This is a re-imagining of the Robin Hood legend, and this ain't a remake of the Errol Flynn classic either!
Here we have great action, and stirring romance, with plenty of grit and derring-do!
This is probably the ONLY movie of the Summer releases I have been counting the days to see!
Thank heaven they didn't capitulate to fan-boy mania and release it in 3D!! (There was some talk of that a few months back).
(Showtimes in brackets are $5.75 'Bargain Matinees")
FRI: (5:00) - 8:00
SAT & SUN: (2:00) - (5:00) - 8:00
MON thru THURS: 7:00

Disney's OCEANS (G)

This was "supposed" to play here on Earth Day, but, it seems the larger markets won out over little ol' Decatur!
I just love it when the TV previews say "Starts Everywhere on such-and-such a date" and I think to myself "except Decatur!" more times than not!
Well, here it is now, and a joy to behold it is!
This is even more topical now with the oil spilling into the Gulf of Mexico creating a terrible mess.
Come see some astounding photography starring a bunch of really fishy characters!
Disney's OCEANS (G) 
(Showtimes in brackets are $5.75 'Bargain Matinees")
FRI: (4:00) - 7:00
SAT & SUN: (1:00) - (4:00) - 7:00 
MON thru THURS: 6:20


JULIANNE MOORE (whatta' timeless babe), LIAM NEESON and brand new hottie AMANDA SEYFRIED (the young gal from MAMMA MIA!) in a type of movie you don't see many of any more; an erotic thriller! That's right, we are smack-dab in "Fatal Attraction" territory here! 
A wife suspects her husband of an affair, so she employs a rather, shall we say, unorthodox method to find out for sure...
This is pretty steamy stuff, folks!
Roger Ebert gave it three-and-a-half stars, and the reviews have been about 50/50 on it.
I think with this cast alone you can't go wrong!
(Showtimes in brackets are $5.75 'Bargain Matinees")
FRI: (4:15) - 7:15
SAT & SUN: (1:15) - (4:15) - 7:15
MON thru THURS: 6:25


Ok, this weekend we have something for everyone!
I understand how many of the Avon crowd can feel left out by what is being offered at theaters right now...

After all, it seems like every Summer brings a new crop of comic book superhero movies that are all pretty much the same ol', same ol'; just louder and more obnoxious.

At the Avon, we are brutally choosy in what we play, because we know our clientele is a bit different than most theaters, and we only have 3 screens to work with.

With our offering of a huge PG13 epic in the new ROBIN HOOD, the marvelous Disney G-rated OCEANS, and the smoking hot R-rated CHLOE, I think we have touched most all the bases!

Come See Me This Weekend!
I'll Be Looking for You, and You...and YOU!!
-Skip Huston
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