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      Hey Folks:
      Here's what I was up to last night at the Decatur City Council meeting...
      Even though I didn't get all I WANTED for you (that was FREE PARKING during Celebration) 
      I was able to wrangle a parking validation system wherein you will be reimbursed for your $5 Decatur Celebration parking fee at the parking garage across the street from the Avon.
      So, in essence, I got for you what you NEEDED, but not all that you WANTED.

      It's always a hoot to attend the City Council meetings and marvel at how the gears of government mesh (and grind).

      (It also gives me pause to be thankful I regained my senses and decided to NOT run for city council!)

      I am glad we have good people who will serve for little or no recompense, but it's all too soporific for me!
      Movies and popcorn; that's ME!

      ALL SHOWS JUST $4.50!!!!!

      by Patrick McDaniel
      from the Decatur Tribune 

      An annual request by the Decatur Celebration Committee to the Decatur City Council for renewal of the use of various downtown parking garages and parking lots for the Celebration was met this week with frank discussion. 

      The mayor and several council members discussed the financial situation of the annual event, and there was a plea from a downtown business operator to deny the request for use of the city’s parking facilities. 

      “The whole thing is that the Celebration is in financial trouble,” expressed Mayor Mike McElroy during Monday’s council session discussion. The Celebration Committee again asked permission to charge Celebration visitors $5.00 to park in City Garages B and C and City Parking Lots #1 located on the southeast corner of Wood and Main Streets and Parking Lot #10 located on the northeast corner of Wood and Main Streets. 

      “We may need the money far more then they do,” declared Councilman Pat Laegeler, as he gave his views. as the discussion over the council agenda item began in earnest over assisting the Celebration Committee with their finances while the city was struggling with its own financial situation. 

      McElroy added that, “We (city government) have never gotten back what we put into it.” 

      The annual event that takes place in downtown Decatur the first part of August has seen the number of participants and revenues decrease over the years stated McElroy, with the city generating around $10,000 each year in food & beverage sales tax revenues from the three day event, according to City Manager Ryan McCrady. 

      “This (garage parking issue) truly is not a problem after twenty-five years, and is a no win situation,” said McElroy after downtown business operator Skip Huston, operator of the Avon Theaters, expressed his views that the annual downtown event was destructive to his business during the three day event. 

      “We did not have a fighting chance once the city allowed the Celebration to use the parking lots,” expressed Huston, who requested this week that the council not allow the Celebration Committee to use the city parking garages. 

      Although the Celebration Committee proposed giving event patrons validation tickets for those who parked in the designated city parking spaces, and then receive refunds of $5.00 back from participating downtown businesses, with the Celebration Committee reimbursing the merchants, Houston, who although thought this proposal was on the right track, still felt that allowing event patrons to park free was better for his business. 

      Huston’s pleas to council members to not allow the use of city parking lots and garages by the Celebration were heard during the public input portion of the discussions, but the council at the end of the discussions voted six to zero (Councilman Larry Foster was absent) to approve the parking request of the Celebration Committee. 
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