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Read ALL About It!!

Many of you took a chance and saw the French subtitled film TELL NO ONE last weekend!
---AND, you were VERY glad you did!
It is truly a knock-out of mystery plotting and serpentine story-telling!

BUT, we said it was only here through WEDNESDAY, and that was not "marketing"!

TELL NO ONE has to leave on Wednesday and Tom Cruise's film VALKYRIE must leave on Thursday!

So, we ain't a'kiddin'! 
You better get thy fanny down to the Avon in the next couple of days unless you want to be left out!

Starts THURSDAY at MIDNIGHT (Friday morning actually) is the megawatt action-adventure so many have been waiting for: THE WATCHMEN!!

...ALSO, starts FRIDAY, we are bringing in the surprise hit of the year for an Avon run:
Liam Neeson in the blockbuster white-knuckle suspenser: "TAKEN" !!!

...AND, of course, SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE will start its 6th phenomenal week!!

(What is the record holder for length of run at the Avon in our past 10 years?
MY BIG FAT GREEK WEDDING was there for 13 weeks in Summer of 2002!
The second place holder?
THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA (the musical) for 9 straight weeks in January/February of 2005)

See you later in this week's newsletter coming to you on Thursday!!

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