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Showtimes, Programs, Erudition and Miscellaneous Folderol 
"All of Life's Answers are in the Movies!"  -Dr. Skippy P. Huston
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OPENING FRIDAY: BEER FOR MY HORSES (PG13) Toby Keith & Rodney Carrington

CONTINUING: MAMMA MIA! (PG13) Meryl Streep and a cast of dozens!
                  HENRY POOLE IS HERE (PG) Luke Wilson & Radha Mitchell

                    THE WOMEN (PG13) Just about every actress over 35 in Hollywood!
BEER FOR MY HORSES (PG13) Alright, you wise guys, stop laughing! You KNOW you want to get in touch with your inner rowdy self, right? Not since the days of "Smokey and the Bandit" have we had such a country & western-skewing fun fest.
This is the kind of movie the audiences will like and the critics will be aghast!
(In other words: Great fun!)
Country music Superstar TOBY KEITH stars with Decatur-favorite RODNEY CARRINGTON (he has appeared here locally several times all to sell-out shows) and legendary WILLIE NELSON! Add to that the likes of TOM SKERRITT and TED NUGENT (yup, ya' heard that right), and you have one heck of a country gumbo!
Sometimes, you just feel like some mindless fun! Here it is! Good toe-tapping music too!
(We may even have some free CD's of the soundtrack for you to win too!)
(Showtimes in brackets are $5.50 'Bargain Matinees")

FRI: (5:00) - 8:00 
SAT & SUN: (2:00) - (5:00) - 8:00
MON thru THURS: 7:15
MAMMA MIA!  (PG13) Now, if there are still any of you out there who haven't seen this at least once, you need to dig deeper into your psyche and find out why you don't want a great big ol' dose of HAPPY!! 
We had it a month, and dropped it...Then, we were sooooo sorry we did! 
So, we brought it back last week for Labor Day, and for what we thought just a one-week-only encore!! 
BOY, you proved us wrong there!!
So, when will it end??? 
It is going on its 6th week now, and that still is not a record! ("Phantom of the Opera" played for 9 weeks, "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" played for 13 weeks).
The thing is, you never get tired of musicals, because you never get tired of hearing that fabulous music!
There are those that have seen it 7 and 8 times and are still coming!
Don't you want a big old smile on that long face???
C'mon get happy!
Throw all your blues away!!
(Showtimes in brackets are $5.50 'Bargain Matinees")
FRI: (4:00) - 7:00
SAT & SUN: (1:00) - (4:00) - 7:00
MON, TUES & WED: 6:40
THURS: 7:00
HENRY POOLE IS HERE (PG) So, here is one that really took many of you by surprise. (Including me).
This quietly moving film about faith (and the lack of same), weaves its own little mood.
Some have absolutely LOVED it, and a few have been rather lukewarm.
None have hated it.
Yes, this is a "message" movie, and yes it does skew to the spiritual, but without being too "preachy".
Last week I sent you Roger Ebert's THREE AND A HALF STAR review in a separate emailing.
If you like LUKE WILSON, he is better here than you have ever seen him.
If you think RADHA MITCHELL is a total babe (I am one of them), then this is for you too!
Above it all, the story of the "image" on the stucco wall, and the troubled people who find an intervention from God in their lives; this is, first and foremost, a love story.
Life is all about the disconnected suddenly becoming connected.
It's a story we always love to witness.
'nuff said?
(Showtimes in brackets are $5.50 'Bargain Matinees")

FRI: (4:15) - 7:15 
SAT & SUN: (1:15) - (4:15) - 7:15
MON, TUES & WED: 6:30 (Ends Wednesday)


Over 6 years ago, Richland Community College approached me about teaching film classes for them at the Avon.
I thought they were nuts.
Even though I have been known to be rather, uh, verbose, I had never actually taught a class before.

Yes, when I was in college I wanted to be a drama teacher, but that kind of thinking drifted away as I heard the call of the entertainment business world...

After 30+ years at the executive level in the music and video biz, I re-opened the old Avon Theater...

...So, there I was, with a enrollment of about 65 for my first film classes...
I was rather nervous.
In fact, I was scared witless!

I remember walking into that 1st class half-expecting everyone to throw things at me and storm out after ten minutes!

But, that didn't happen.

In fact, now over 6 years later, the Richland-at-the-Avon film classes are an established Decatur entity!

My next class is on POLITICS AT THE MOVIES, and it starts on Thursday, Sept. 11th at 6:30!
You can get a sign-up sheet at one of our Avon lobbies, or call the Adult Learning Center at Richland, or simply show up at the Avon on the 11th a little earlier than 6:30 and sign up with a Richland official.
Cost is $80 for 8 Thursday nights of movie magic!

I have promised over and over this will NOT be a class with any leanings toward the partisan or with any agenda whatsoever!
(When POLITICS are involved, people get rather wary of those things).
Instead, these will be films about the ideals and systems we have fought wars to protect and preserve.
Many will be classics!

I hope to see all you there!

The Richland-at-the-Avon film classes are an excellent way to interact with a bunch of nice people.
No tests!
No grades!
You don't even have to join in the after-movie discussion if you don't want to!
(But, I wish you would!)

So, that's Thursday, Sept. 11th @ 6:30 for the next 8 weeks for POLITICS AT THE MOVIES!!

Won't you join us??
Come See Me This Weekend!
Summer is Waning, and the Fall is the Right Time for THE MOVIES!!

--Can you smell that delicious popcorn??
-Skip Huston

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