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Hiya Folks!!
Here is that extra newsletter I promised you with all the Thanksgiving Holiday showtimes!!
Please note that with these Wednesday openings of AUSTRALIA and FOUR CHRISTMASES, we have not yet set the MON thru THURS showtimes for NEXT WEEK. We'll get that to you soon!
Here is the big, sweeping epic romantic adventure so many of us have been waiting for! When I first saw the previews for this about 6 months ago, I thought this was the "perfect 'Avon movie'", and I was 100% on-target there! We even had to make some serious sacrifices to play this , but we believe in a film like this for "our" audiences. This is not the kind of movie the 'teens will flock to at the mall, and certainly not the kind that is going to pack 'em in like sardines at the "McTheaters". This is an old-fashioned and thrilling movie like the kind they don't make anymore! Comparisons already abound to "Gone With the Wind", "Out of Africa", and even "Titanic" in its sense of time and place and two star-crossed lovers struggling to survive in a world gone mad during WWII. NICOLE KIDMAN, who has always had a special place in my heart, and HUGH JACKMAN, as the dashing Aussie who comes into her life at just the right time. Rounding out the cast are some of Australia's finest actors like BRYAN BROWN and JACK THOMPSON. First class all the way, folks! Just like the Avon!!

(Showtimes in brackets are $6.00-$5.50 'Bargain Matinees")

WED: 6:45
THANKSGIVING THURS: (12:00) - (3:45) - 7:30
FRI: (12:00) - (3:45) - 7:30
SAT: (3:45) - 7:30
SUN: (12:00) - (3:45) - 7:30

Just when I thought all the possible Holiday stories had been done to death, along comes an original twist on an all-too-common situation for this day and age. Imagine a young couple who are both from divorced parents, and then happenstance making them have to spend Christmas at ALL FOUR of those respective households! It certainly gets even better when you pair REESE WITHERSPOON with hilarious VINCE VAUGHN, and then add the astounding supporting cast that includes the likes of ROBERT DUVALL, MARY STEENBURGEN, JON VOIGHT, SISSY SPACEK and even more! That's a whole lot of talent!! And this one is a whole lot of FUN!
(Showtimes in brackets are $6.00- $5.50 'Bargain Matinees")

WED: 7:15
THANKSGIVING THURS: (1:15) - (3:30) - (5:45) - 8:00
FRI: (1:15) - (3:30) - (5:45) - 8:00
SAT: (1:15) - (3:30) - (5:45) - 8:00
SUN: (1:15) - (3:30) - (5:45) - 8:00
QUANTUM OF SOLACE (PG13) (NOW PLAYING) The 2nd week for the monster hit of the newest James Bond movie. This is one lean and mean Bond this time! The action hits the ground running and does not let up for the entire movie! You will see some of the most astounding sequences ever seen in a Bond movie (or ANY movie for that matter), and that is saying a lot! This second outing for DANIEL CRAIG playing Bond only cements my opinion that he has single-handedly revived the entire 50 year old series. I know the purists will still tout Sean Connery, or Roger Moore, or even Pierce Brosnan; and they were all good for their time, but...Today's world requires a Bond that is not so suave and urbane, and ready for any action the mission requires! This is a "crowd pleaser" of the first order! Maybe not a "critic's darling", but, seeing how the critics have blown it so badly in recent times, that should be a big plus by itself to see this one!
(Showtimes in brackets are $6.00 - $5.50 'Bargain Matinees")
WED: 7:00
THANKSGIVING THURS: (12:45) - (3:15) - (5:30) - 7:45
FRI: (12:45) - (3:15) - (5:30) - 7:45
SAT: (12:45) - (3:15) - (5:30) - 7:45
SUN: (12:45) - (3:15) - (5:30) - 7:45
There is less than 1 week left before Movie/TV star BRUCE CAMPBELL makes his Dec. 1st in-person appearance presenting his new movie MY NAME IS BRUCE at the Avon!!
We are now right at the nearly sold-out mark (based on 708 tickets available), and there is every indication we will have a sold-out house for this.
The Dec. 1st @ 8:00 PM tickets are $20 for the movie and a Q & A with Bruce (who is always a hoot).
If you have friends who are waiting to get their tickets at the door on the night of Dec. 1st, please tell them to not take that chance!
The first time Bruce was at the Avon, back over 5 years ago, we turned away over 200!
The last time, which was about 3 years ago, we had to turn almost as many away, but let some in for "standing room only".
You can buy tickets ONLINE by following this link:  https://www.prairieghosts.com/bruce.html 
OR, you can get tickets at our box-offices whenever we are open!

Bruce is a true-blue Avon fan, folks! He is one of US!
He re-routed his national tour just to include this Avon appearance, and it is the ONLY downstate Illinois appearance he is making!
We have sold tickets from all over the Midwest so far, and the folks in Springfield, Bloomington and Champaign wonder WHY Bruce is coming to THE AVON in DECATUR and not their town!!
(The answer to that one is obvious! Bruce loves the Avon!) :-)
We'll be at the Avon ALL-DAY LONG on Turkey day, so come and see us!!
-Skip Huston

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