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Fri Mar 21 10:18:53 CDT 2008


Hiya Folks!
With the advent of Comcast taking over the Insight facility in Decatur, this means that many of your email addresses will change from InsightBB.com (I always thought that was an awkward URL anyway) to Comcast.com.

I have already received several dozen emails from you asking me to change your address for the newsletter, but, in many cases this is not possible for me to do personally due to the spam regulations on this account.

Here's what you can do:

1.) Simple re-subscribe at the website (www.TheAvon.com) under the new address and let the old one just waft out into cyberspace.


2.) Do an "unsubscribe" on a newsletter that comes to your old address, and then re-subscribe under the new one.

It's a hassle, I know, but, hopefully Comcast will bring about some needed positive changes to our local cable systems.

On another note:
Our Friday ad in the Herald & Review is in error and unreadable.
We have added matinees to the holiday weekend, especially on HORTON HEARS A WHO since the kids are out of school, so it is VERY important to see our correct and readable schedule.

Please check our website (www.TheAvon.com) or call out hotline (422-8151) or look at the newsletter you should have received yesterday for the correct and READABLE (what a concept!) showtimes.
To quote the great philosopher Roseanne Roseannadanna:
"It's Always Something"

Thanks, and Have a Great Holiday Weekend!
(Especially if you spend part of it at THE AVON!!)

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