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Showtimes, Programs, Erudition and Miscellaneous Folderol 
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BONNEVILLE (PG) Jessica Lange, Kathy Bates & Joan Allen! AN AVON "Limited Engagement" DISCOVERY!
BE KIND, REWIND (PG13) Jack Black, Danny Glover and Mia Farrow!! VERY LIMITED ENGAGEMENT!

HORTON HEARS A WHO! (G) The biggest movie in the world!!  
10, 000 BC (PG13) LAST WEEK!!     

MARCH 28th: MARRIED LIFE (PG13) Pierce Brosnan, Chris Cooper & Rachel McAdams!
April 4th: NIM'S ISLAND (PG) Jodi Foster, Gerard Butler & Abigail Breslin
April 4th: LEATHERHEADS (PG13) George Clooney & Renee Zellweger
The Avon does NOT believe in on-screen commercials!
We find them vile and offensive, and an insult to the audiences.
This means you need to come ON-TIME for our showings!!

Those of you who are used to the 20+ minutes of commercials
and assorted detritus that the "other guys" subject you to,
seem surprised when you arrive at the Avon 20 minutes late and
the movie has started about 10 minutes before!!

(At best, even with our traditional classic cartoon and three or four previews, 
you only have a 12 minute "pad", and many times even less than that!)

We hate to disappoint you when you arrive late, yet I know none
of you want us to START showing commercials, right?

Please, please, please remember that at THE AVON, it is important
to be ON-TIME!
Did you know The Avon serves ultra-high quality HOT-DOGS??
Our 'dogs are all-beef Nathan's or Ballpark, and certainly satisfy
that craving for something a little more substantial than popcorn!

PLUS, our Nachos have now been 100% improved! We found a new cheese
for them that is so much better than the other stuff!
Nachos are the perfect alternative to popcorn (and are lower in calories
too!) Get 'em with hot peppers, and woooo-hooooo!!

We know our popcorn is so good that many of you drive up in front just to
buy it (and, by the way, that is perfectly OK) but, we want you to know
that we DO have other delicious items too!

BE KIND, REWIND (PG13) Here is a hysterical comedy premise that didn't really find its audience when it was released about a month back. In fact, it never even played here in Decatur until this weekend! With such a wildly diverse cast as Jack Black, Mos Def, Mia Farrow (yes, you read that correctly) and Danny Glover, and the set-up of an old Ma & Pa video store that, somehow, has all its VHS tapes erased, leading to a series of misadventures as the attempts are made to re-film the movies using amateur talent... This may have been too "high-concept" for mass audiences, but, I for one, am dying to see it! In fact, I know of some people who even drove out of town to see it! This is a LIMITED ENGAGEMENT, so don't procrastinate!!
(Showtimes in brackets are $5.50 'Bargain Matinees")
FRI, SAT & SUN: 8:10
MON thru THURS: 7:00
BONNEVILLE (PG) Here is one of my "discovery" films. Many of you know that I am constantly looking for "overlooked" films that are perfect for our crowd. This brand new movie with Oscar winners Jessica Lange and Kathy Bates, and such co-stars as Joan Allen and Tom Skerrit, is a wonderful cross-country odyssey by three middle-age women. The "road" movie is one of Hollywood's oldest and most revered concepts, and this is one you will tell your friends about! Hurry, though, because it, too, is a VERY LIMITED ENGAGEMENT!!
(Showtimes in brackets are $5.50 'Bargain Matinees")
FRI, SAT & SUN: (2:10) - (5:10) (NOTE: Friday earlier matinee!)
HORTON HEARS A WHO! (G) The beloved Dr. Seuss tale comes to life, big-time! You have already heard how this is setting box-office records for this time of year, and, I am sure you have heard about the gazillion kids that packed the Avon last weekend! If you want to see it without all the little people, come on a weeknight. I, for one, prefer to see it with all the kids so I can hear their delighted reaction to this all-star visual feast of Seuss silly-willy. Don't make a mistake and miss it, because this is NOT just for kids!
(Showtimes in brackets are $5.50 'Bargain Matinees")
FRI, SAT & SUN: (1:30) - (4:00) - 7:00 (NOTE: Friday earlier matinee!)
MON, TUES: (3:00) - 6:30 (NOTE: Mon & Tues Matinees!)
WED: 6:30 
THURS: 7:10
10,000 BC (PG13) Ok, here are your last chances to learn how to  kill a Wooly Mammoth, and save your tribe from starving for the winter! This fun and exciting, purely preposterous adventure will have you on the edge of your seat at times! Don't try to ascribe it to any recognizable time in history, however. This is entertainment, and that is all! ENDS THIS WEEK!!
10,000 BC (PG13)
(Showtimes in brackets are $5.50 'Bargain Matinees") 
FRI, SAT & SUN: (2:00) - (5:00) - 8:00 (NOTE: Friday earlier matinee!)
MON, TUES & WED: 7:10 
So, its been a long and very stupid Winter, and looks to finally be almost over!
Even though at this time of year, I always think there may be one last dirty trick in store as old man Winter makes his exit, the end is, indeed, almost here!!
Those of you who know me well enough know that I am a true "Summer person", and love the weather as HOT as it can get! Give me 90 degrees and not a cloud in the sky and I am happy!
(With my passion for super hot temperatures, there are some that say I will be in good shape after I die!)

Come See Me This Easter Weekend, Folks!
I'll Be Looking for YOU!!!

-Skip Huston 

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