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HANCOCK (PG13) Will Smith Saves the World! BUT...who can save HIM??

WALL-E (G) Maybe the BEST MOVIE of the YEAR! (I really mean it too!)
GET SMART (PG13) Loads of Laffs and Giggles! ENDS SOON!!

JULY 11th: ???
JULY 18th: MAMMA MIA! (PG13)
AUG 1st: THE MUMMY 3 (PG13) 
...and MORE!!!
HANCOCK (PG13) I don't know what it is about Summer and Superhero movies, but they sure seem to go together! This is not just a recent development either; Summertime has brought us Superhero flicks for decades now! Maybe it is the pure escapism, and maybe its just the "popcorn picture" feel that the Summer seems to serve up...Whatever the case, you know those Hollywood people are constantly trying to find a new and different method to bring the Superhero to the screen in a way that has not been done before. Enter HANCOCK. This new WILL SMITH vehicle takes the whole Superhero mythos and stands it on its ear! An obnoxious and loser of a Superhero??? Yup! That's what we got here, folks! (But, you just KNOW it won't stay that way, right?) Tons of Summer popcorn fun here! 

(Showtimes in brackets are $5.50 'Bargain Matinees")
FRI: (2:30) - (5:30) (CLOSING EARLY FOR JULY 4th)
SAT & SUN: (2:30) - (5:30) - 8:30
MON, TUES & WED: 6:40
THURS: 7:00
WALL-E  (G) What if I told you there is serious talk about this little gem being promoted for a "Best Picture" Oscar this year? Well, its true! There seems to be a lot of you who feel this is only a "kid's movie"; something only for the small fry...Well, that would be WRONG-OH! This heartwarming and marvelous little film will touch you in ways you never thought possible for a lonely little robot to do! I think it touches a common yearning in all of us, this nervy little WALL-E. Truly a not-to-be-missed experience!
(Showtimes in brackets are $5.50 'Bargain Matinees")
FRI: (1:30) - (4:30) (CLOSING EARLY FOR JULY 4th)
SAT & SUN: (1:30) - (4:30) - 7:30
MON thru THURS: 7:15

GET SMART  (PG13) Your last chances to laugh yourself silly are here! Join nutty STEVE CARELL and foxy Agent 99 in a fun-filled romp!
(Showtimes in brackets are $5.50 'Bargain Matinees")
FRI: (2:15) - (5:15) (CLOSING EARLY FOR JULY 4th)

SAT & SUN: (2:15) - (5:15) - 8:15
MON thru WED: 6:30
Our "traditional" July 4th weekend free showing of OUR DECATUR-1955, the ultra-rare 1955 Decatur documentary that we own the only known copy of, has been postponed until later in the Summer. We were wracking our brains trying to fit it in this weekend until Mrs. H said "Why does it have to be July 4th weekend, anyway?". I had no response for that! 
Look for it sometime in August!
I had the great privilege to tour the almost-completed new 5-screen movie theater in Clinton this week, and what a nice place it looks to be! For all of you in Clinton and Maroa (and thereabouts) who hate driving to Forsyth for movies, you won't have to do so much longer! I always believed a theater in Clinton was a great idea, and now, it looks to be open sometime in August! 
With all the hoop-de-doo about the recent filming in Decatur of THE INFORMANT, and Matt Damon hanging around here for about a month, I decided to read the book that the movie will be based on...Let me tell you, this is a great Summer "poolside read", folks! I never thought I would ever be interested in a story that seemed so convoluted and complicated on the surface, but the book reads like a real thriller! It's a page-turner, that's for sure! I highly recommend it!
Congrats to good Avon customer Larry Foster for his appointment to the Decatur City Council to fill out an unexpired term. This is a straight shooter, who is not afraid to speak his mind. With more on the council like him (and we have a few more) we should see even more progress in Decatur!
Can you believe it is already July 4th weekend? This stupid Summer took so long to get started, that it seems we are really being short-changed this year for a good old HOT Summertime (my favorite!). I don't like the cool evenings we've been having....I like it HOT! Some of my favorite Summertimes are when it is so hot at 10 PM, you just have to jump in the pool to cool off! It doesn't look like we will get much of that this year!

Come See Me This Weekend!
I'll Be Looking for You and You and...YOU!!

-Skip Huston
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