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AVON THEATRE for Richland Community College   

Film Classes are Coming Back after the Holidays!!
Take a look at the NEW ENTRIES!!          

Thrillers, Crime and Film-Noir Movies, Part Two - WKS 8665

Sect. 01:  Thurs., Jan. 24 - March 13         Cost:  $80

Place:  Avon Theatre, Downtown Decatur

Instructor:  Skip Huston            Time:  6:30 - 9:00 p.m.

Even back to the very early days of Hollywood, the movie staples were Comedies, Westerns, and .Crime dramas!  Films that thrill us with tales of the dark side of man's nature!  When we last visited this topic, about 2 years ago, we only scratched the surface of what is a veritable "mother lode" of cinema treasures!  This 8-week winter class film-series, will go back to the very early days of film, and move right up to the present with gangsters, killers, thieves and other assorted evil-doers!  AS IS the case with all of Skip Huston's film classes, you'll see some well-known examples of this genre, and also see some extremely rare ones too!  We never announce the films you will see beforehand!  So, if you like a good murder mystery, or love movies that take you to places you would never want to visit in real life, come and join a group of fellow film lovers for this latest entry in the 6 year-old Richland-at-the-Avon film classes!
"THRILLERS, CRIME and FILM-NOIR MOVIES: Part Two" Starts Thursday, Jan. 24th @ 6:30 PM!!



Americana at the Movies, Part One - WKS 8683

Sect. 01:  Thurs., March 27 - May 15         Time:  6:30 - 9:00 p.m.

Instructor:  Skip Huston       Cost:  $80       Location:  Avon Theatre

Avon Theatre owner and film historian, Skip Huston, has created another film screening & discussion series that should please all who have discovered his film classes over these past 6 years!

"Americana at the Movies--Pt.1" is an "open-ended" series much like the "Overlooked Films" classes that Huston has presented every Summer for the past 5 years.

 "Americana at the Movies--Pt 1" will examine every aspect of the American experience. The films will include movies of small towns, and large cities; movies about our loves, fads, fashions and conflicts since our country was born.

As is always the case with Huston's Richland-at-the-Avon film classes, some of the movies screened and discussed will be well-known, and some will be rarities that are never seen any longer! The films to be shown are never announced beforehand, as that has always been a rule with Huston's classes.

You will see and discuss with fellow movie lovers from all walks of life a veritable history of America told through the greatest artistic achievement mankind has produced: The Movies!

There will be comedies, dramas, thrillers and historical epics all included in this first entry of what promises to be another hit series in the Avon Theatre film class:
 "AMERICANA AT THE MOVIES--Part One" Starts Thursday, March 27th @ 6:30 PM!!



"OVERLOOKED FILMS--Part Six" for This Summer!!!

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